Have you ever experienced the absolute silence? I mean, absolutely no sound coming into your ears.
There are two places where I had it. One of them was at Atacama desert, Chile.

There were no human beings, no animals, no wind in my ears, and no any other sound coming from nature. So I sat on the top of a dune, and just closed my eyes. We may think its kind of claustrophobic to experience no sound. But I could not think about anything else than peace.

For just a few minutes, I could hear the sound of my breathing, I could clearly feel my heartbeat, and I could even feel the blood in my veins; for real. 

So I tried to tell this story on this series. Panorama Atacama traces the route to the discovery of absolute silence.

The desert brings the quality of a silence that can not be experienced in cities.

Panorama Atacama traça o percurso até a descoberta do silêncio absoluto.
O deserto traz a qualidade de um silêncio que não se pode experimentar nas cidades.


Panorama Atacama 1


Panorama Atacama 2


Panorama Atacama 3


Panorama Atacama 4


Panorama Atacama 5


Panorama Atacama 6


Panorama Atacama 7