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Iceland is the country of infinite landscapes. I spent 9 days circling around the island.

The beauty of taking photographs is that, when you come back home and start organizing all the beautiful mess on camera and smartphones, you travel back again. The emotions are quite the same, as memories come to mind.  It is like traveling twice. 
The following pictures are a small sample of what I caught there. The sequece that you follow in this gallery is exactly the chronological sequence.


So take the ride, and click to expand!

Birds and Horses

The splendor of the landscapes extends to the animals around the island. When roading to one point to another, I could tell this is a country of farmers. Every other mile you will face some kind of farming activity. The Icelandic horses are famous worldwide. They serve for several purposes, like shepherding sheep, transportation or tourism. For me, they are

simply unique, and a perfect reason for some shots.

Birds will always be my favorite. They fly. They see the world in a way we simply can't. I respect and admire that.
I could face eight species. The protagonist must be the Icelandic Seagull. Wherever you go near the sea, they will be there.

But they don't give their perfection for free. Photographing birds is kinda exausting, but in a good way. As I patiently wait for the shots, with the wind freezing my fingers, I can testify their unique ballet.

Architecture and roads

As an architect, one of the most intriguing questions before the road was: how do they live? How do the cities work in a 360k people country?

I've been in 450 people cities, some even smaller. And I found colors. They say that is because of the white; snow and clouds. So they bring colors to the cities. I don't remember any other place where I found black, blue,

red and white churches.

The roads deserve their own room. Before being there, I thought it would be boring to ride four hours a day, from one point to another. 

I could not be more wrong. Iceland is not only about sightseeing, it is about the ride. The ride is part of the story; part of the journey. 

I faced various road conditions. From gravel to mud, to snow. Sometimes a bit dangerous, but always stunningly beautiful.

Riding in the fjords is one of the rides I will keep in my heart.