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Take my picture series

This series tries to capture one single moment of everyone´s lives: the crying.
Maybe the most intimate moment, for most of us. Like a mirror, we see each girl before, during and after crying.
Their different states of mind are reflected on their faces.  Thanks to the models Andressa Roeder and Julia Ropero.

Fashion Editorial

I like editorials because they are a teamwork. While working with landscapes or animals is more about my particular visions and perceptions, when I am working in editorials, there is a team involved. There are the photographer, the model, the stylist, and the whole crew who cares about production, hairstyle, makeup, and whatever more it takes to tell that story. 

The idea, the process and the results are not mine. They belong to the team. And that´s the beauty of this type of work. A collective soul focused on the same objectives.

The following series is called Intrinsic Fascination, and it was made with Walkiria Molinari (stylist), Beatriz Biscaro (model) and Alex Gomes (hair and makeup).

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